David Kennedy


Web apps

D&D v3.5 Character Sheet

A dynamic character sheet the uses Knockoff for model binding and local storage for persistence. Can also save to and load from a JSON file.


A web app for building good habits and breaking bad ones. Uses local storage for persistence.

Old Portfolio

My fancy old portfolio.

Pool of Radiance Code Wheel

Primitive DRM for the classic CRPG Pool of Radiance.


A fancy todo list built with Stencil App Starter.


Divine Grid

A fluid, responsive CSS grid framework based on the divine proportion, also known as the golden ratio.

Divine Template

A fluid, responsive CSS template based on the Divine Grid.

HTML Cleaner

An extremely configurable Node.js module for cleaning and beautifying HTML.


A JavaScript model binding library inspired by Knockout.

Wow Mum Component

Enhance your web site/app/whatever with the majestic powers of wow-mum-look-no-hands. Built with Stencil Component Starter.



A simple black and white theme for Pico CMS.


Another theme for Pico CMS, colored like an old photo.

Everything else

DNS Blacklist

Uses iptables, dnsmasq and dynamic DNS to block malicious websites.

DNS Whitelist

An intranet application for configuring dnsmasq as a whitelist.